Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pure Passion Box Set ~ ONLY 99 CENTS!!!

Pure Passion Box Set

~For a Limited Time~

Rude Awakening by Alex Cook
Deep in the heart of urban New York, life keeps rolling with the heavy-weight punches for middle aged father of one, George Bethers. Buried beneath the daily crap pile of his prison equipment delivery business, the dreaded reminder of Valentine’s Day rolls around all too soon, surprising him.
Stuck on what to buy his wife, Kate, George enlists the help of his rich and very narcissistic non-best friend, John. His side-kick doesn’t help matters and he turns to the advice of a famous talk show host, flashing ‘the infamous book’ that caught the nation’s attention, in choosing the perfect gift.
Deliriously happy with his purchase, Kate catapults their comfortable once-a-month screw, along with their marriage, into unknown territories. Armed with spatulas and a book for guidance, a series of unfortunate repercussions and painful accidents ensue when a man is introduced to the Fifty Seven Shades of Shit that BDSM had to offer.
Hindered by Indigo Sin
When faced with a dire situation involving an irritating childhood acquaintance, Hadley is forced to put aside her pride for the sake of self-preservation.
Colton is more than happy to extend his assistance to the little blonde who has tormented his fantasies for years, offering her safe haven from the storm.
Like a magnet they are drawn together, but will Colton's secret past hinder any chance they have?
Red Hot Part One by Taylor L Ray
Two failed marriages under her belt can only mean one thing for Leanne Cooper. She is unlucky in love.
Burning in hell would be more fun for Cameron Mitchell than being bodyguard to a spoiled little rich girl.
A shot of Tequila, a daring proposition and a chance not worth the risk present a rather explosive opportunity. Startling discoveries mixed with a blend of raw salacious need catapult them into a night of Red Hot passion.
When a buried past threatens to consume their animal attraction, Leanne finds herself at the mercy of a psychopath and out of reach of the one man who promised to protect her.
Sky High by LaVerne Thompson
“Who knew that traveling first class could be so…well…enlightening?” Reilly Greene thought as she watched her old teenage crush now fully grown, lick his fingers.  Who the hell was she kidding?  Traveling anywhere, anyhow with Ben Skye was enough to make her weak at the knees and a few other places in between.
Ben Skye thought the possibility of having a heart attack at 33,000 feet in the air just might not be a bad way to go – if Reilly was the one giving it to him.  But could he convince her that once their feet hit the ground he could still take her to the heavens, and this time it would be for the rest of their lives.

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