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Interview: The NEXT BIG Thing


I'm really excited to be here, many thanks to DAN COCKER

TEN Interview Questions for The Next BIG Thing:

1: What is the working title of your book?

One Dom To Love

2: Where did the idea come from for the book?

The three of us, Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob and myself  have been working on these three characters for over a year. As they developed and grew, so did our story

3: What genre does your book fall under?

Menage, erotic romance.

4: Which Actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Laughs, strictly my opinion of course, but  it would be hard to make a movie about our book without the erotic and BDSM content. It is an integral part of the story and these three are highly motivated, especially in bed. Hmmmmm....I see Katy Perry as Raine, even though she is a singer not an actress, her look is classic Raine. As for Hammer and Liam? Maybe Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd and Chris Hemsworth respectively...

5: What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?

It's the story of a young woman who falls in love with two men and her submissive journey of self discovery through BDSM.

6: Will your book be self published or represented by an agency?

Self published and distributed by Dreamwords LLC

7: How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Approximately five and a half months.

8: What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

One Dom To Love is distinctive and hopefully different enough to draw the reader in and intrigue on it's own merit.

9: Who or what inspired you to write this book?

I believe we were inspired by each other. 

We all had such great ideas and thoughts when writing scenes for this story, that it eventually led us all collectively to the same place... to "let's write a book"
Each one has a HFN (Happy For Now) ending in a series of books that tell the story of these three people and their journey of hope together. 
Often we look at people in real life and judge them to be one way or another, never really knowing or appreciating all they went through to 'come out the other side whole' and evolve into something...more. 

10: What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

That there is so much more of the story yet to come. That these three people and their relationship together, will draw the reader in time and again regardless of societies dictates. 

Because they are human and make mistakes, because they are beautiful in their love for one another and because they inspire hope in those of us that want to believe that something worthwhile is Always worth fighting for...

Thank you to the NEXT BIG THING for the opportunity...please check out the following authors...

Alex Cook

Jenna Jacob

Ava Snow 

Tim Goodwood

Cleo Taurus

Chris Sheerin

Angel Payne

Rowan Elizabeth

Shayla Black

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Latest Review

3 people found the following review helpful Book Reviewed by Vixhen (reviewer)
[ Review Posted: Dec 19, 2012 ] - See all my reviews
Raine Kendall has loved Macen Hammerman ever since he plucked her off the streets and took her in. He gave her a home, a job, and reason to exist. While she has always looked to him as a mentor and protector for years, she now looks at him through a woman's eyes. She secretly hopes that since she has matured, he will see that she can become the submissive he so desperately needs. But Macen can't let go of the ghosts that haunt him or the guilt and shame he feels for failing someone he loved. So, instead of making Raine his and giving them both what they so desire, he pushes her away and into the arms of his best friend, Liam O'Neill. Liam's intent was to take an interest in the raven-haired beauty, hoping to make his friend jealous and push Macen into action. Instead, Liam finds himself bewitched and falling hard for Raine. But while Macen doesn't feel he's good enough for Raine, he also doesn't want to see her with anyone else. Caught between two powerful Dominants, can Raine choose or will she walk away, destroying them both and breaking her heart in the process?

This book is so hot it should come with its own fire extinguisher! Seriously, the sex scenes make you feel like you've just orbited around the sun. Talk about burning up the pages! The chemistry between Liam, Macen and Raine is so intense and raw. The passion she feels for each man is very different, but it's real and emotional. It grabs you and pulls you in, making you experience every nuance that she feels. All three characters are strong and likable. You want it to work out, but then you think, how can that be possible? There is also another Dom named Beck who is very intriguing and deserves a bit more exposure. The book leaves us with a major cliffhanger, which is going to drive me mad. But I've decided to hang onto my sanity because I can't wait to see what happens next. Run...don't this now!

Author: Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob, Isabella LaPearl    
Publisher: Dream Words, LLC
Release Date: December 2012
ISBN: 9781936596126

Book 1 of The Doms of Her Life
Book Genre: BDSM, Erotic Romance

Buy this book from:


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Review from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews.

Review – One Dom To Love (The Doms of Her Life #1) by Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob, Isabella LaPearl

The emotions jumped off the page. I was consumed by such an array of feelings; I’m not likely to forget it anytime soon. ~ Guilty Pleasures

Raine Kendall has been in love with her boss, Macen Hammerman, for years. Determined to make the man notice that she’s a grown woman with desires and needs, she pours out her heart and offers her body to him—only to be crushingly rejected. But when his friend, very single, very sexy Liam O’Neill watches the other Dom refuse to act on his obvious feelings for Raine, he resolves to step in and do whatever it takes to help Hammer find happiness again, even rousing his friend’s possessive instincts by making the girl a proposition too tempting to refuse. But he never imagines that he’ll end up
falling for her himself.

Hammer has buried his lust for Raine for years. After rescuing the budding runaway from an alley behind his exclusive BDSM Dungeon, he has come to covet the pretty submissive. But tragedy has taught him that he can never be what she needs. So he watches over her while struggling to keep his distance. Liam’s crafty plan blindsides Hammer, especially when he sees how determined his friend is to possess Raine for his own. Hammer isn’t ready to give the lovely submissive over to any other Dom, but can he heal from his past and fight for her? Or will he lose Raine if she truly gives herself—heart, body, and soul—to Liam?
One Dom to Love by Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob and Isabella LaPearl is the beginning of an extraordinary journey into the lives of three passionate people. I was hooked from page one.
Raine Kendall feels alone. Her unrequited love (so she thinks) for Macen “Hammer” Hammerman has her turned inside out. When he cruelly rejects her, Liam O’Neill (Macen’s best friend) steps in to pick her up. Neither man is completely honest about their motives. Raine is vulnerable and is forced to choose between two wonderfully troubled Doms.
When two people, who have denied each other themselves for several years, finally come together – all it can be is EXPLOSIVE. Then add beautiful into the mix. Pain and pleasure, mixed signals, love, denial. There were moments I thought Raine had an easy choice. But the story is so much deeper than that. There were no quick, trouble-free decisions.
The ending was somewhat abrupt. Let me explain though. This is not a short story by any means. I was so into it, I didn’t realize that the end was coming. I can see how Macen, Liam and Raine’s story could not be written in one book. There is so much there. I feel as though Raine has half of her HEA. I’m looking forward to book 2 and seeing how everyone ends up. And maybe book 3 will feature Beck, who I find utterly delicious for some unexplained reason. *winks*
Good writers can write emotion well. It is an important element in any story. There are a few who write it great and it becomes something I remember. Ms. Black, Ms. Jacob, and Ms. LaPearl have hit the great mark with One Dom to Love. The emotions jumped off the page. I was consumed by such an array of feelings; I’m not likely to forget it anytime soon. Wow! What a team these authors make. The good news is that we get more!!
This story is beautifully intense and complex. It’s so deeply emotional that it took me three days to process it and I’m still not done! I loved it. I believe you will too.

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Blog Hop!

Please check out the blog hop of my friend and fellow HDP -Horny Devil Publishing Author Dan Cocker, as he shares his take on publishing his book "The Meeting" 

Teasers and other temptations...

I don't know about you,
but when I am looking for a book to read there are two things that immediately grab my attention.
The cover and the blurb.

I'm a visual, tactile sort of gal.  Seeing something that stirs my interest and heats my blood or feeling something that touches me whether mentally or physically, is imperative.
But how far does one go?
Writing erotic fiction means that a scene doesn't usually end with innuendoes and stage dressing...laughs...  Ohhh no, in my stories, I want to put you in the room front and center, leave nothing to the imagination.
In my stories, you'll feel every delicious tremor and scream of pleasure that ripples over a body or is torn from a lovers mouth in the heat of passion.

What a wonderfully wicked web we weave...

That's my particular joy.
I want the reader in the head of the character, whether hero or heroine looking out through their eyes, seeing and feeling it all...
I want the reader to experience cutis anserina, a medical term meaning "cutis" for skin and "anser" for goose, thus goose skin.  Or there's another interesting term, horripilation.  The first part from the Latin word "horrere"-to stand on end or horrible and "pilus" hair...which comes to "hair standing on end."

Goosebumps: A temporary local change in the skin when it becomes rougher due to little muscles abruptly going erect from excitement, fear or cold.

So a great cover that first of all halts me in my tracks long enough to stop and actually look at it, is a must and then there are the words.  

Those gripping phrases that tease and provoke, tempting you inside, inviting the reader to peruse at ones leisure and enjoy a "vacation away from the mundane" even if only for a brief respite. 
That's what I want. 

But it's a fine line. 

Give too much away, and I won't bother reading it at all because I already know all the story.  Too little and you've annoyed me.  Give me something from the book itself, that's what I want!  Show me words that make me feel if only for a moment who these characters are and why I should invest time in them. Because I want a book that will make me laugh, lust, cry, shiver in anticipation or fear.  Thrill to the overcoming of obstacles and cheer with abandon when it's all said and done... Surely thats not too much to ask?

With that in mind, here are a couple of teasers to Connexions and Scandalous that I hope entice you enough to want to read more... 

Ciao, Bella.

excerpt from "Connexions" written by Isabella LaPearl

"Lost in passion. Unraveled and completely consumed by the fiery lust racing
through my bloodstream, as you kept my hands immobile with one of yours
wrapped around my wrists. Took me as you wanted and tapped into a hunger
to be dominated in bed that I never knew I had. All I could do was feel and
melt around you, as your mouth, your tongue, your teeth, and the fingers
from your free hand drove me so high that I touched the sky in a blissful
surrender, long before you ever slid inside me.

Your hiss of pleasure as my hands, finally free to roam at last, gripped you to

me tight, my nails digging into your back, your ass; the slow friction of our
bodies as you set the pace, almost unbearable in my need. Your eyes on
mine, the laughter in them as I went wild beneath you, but still your hips
kept the slow steady pace you set."

excerpt from "Scandalous" written by Isabella LaPearl

"Shocked-disbelief floods my nerve endings, forcing me into an awareness
that defies explanation, whilst my mind clambers madly to play ‘catch up.’
How is this even possible? How do I cope and deal with the here and now?
Easier said than done not to panic and bolt completely. Especially when one
minute, I’d been dozing on my bed, minding my own business, and in the next…
I’m in someone else’s body. 
Not Observing. 
Noooooo…not watching, not this time, like some spirit voyeur, 
but I’m right inside someone else’s body and
feeling everything, every sensation as though it’s my own.
It all rushes in like a tidal wave all at once. Feelings so overpowering, so
alarming yet compelling that my physical reactions to it are momentarily crippling.
Even as the hairs rise over my flesh to inflame me; as every sensual button within
my skin is turned on full blast by every circuit in the brain I inhabit. I surrender
weakly to the indescribable pleasure, my nipples puckering painfully tight…and I
am lost.
Oh my God…I’m so confused! Yet it feels like my body. Familiar, which is a
joke you see because it’s not a girl’s body I’m in right now either.
This can’t be happening! Can it?
Ohhhh Goddd that feels sooo good. My clit feels as swollen, as huge and
hard as a cock…which is about the time when I feel my sphincter clutch
maddeningly tight as my balls draw up hard and hot against my body."

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Stories, tales, tall and otherwise...

Welcome to my blog...

My name is Isabella and I am a new Author of Erotic Fiction.
I have recently published two short stories, one a stand alone "Connexions" and the other is the first book in a series called The Quickening and is entitled "Scandalous." The next two in the series, will be coming out in 2013 and are called "Momentum" and "Geminus" respectively.

December 4th 2012 was a WOW day of biblical proportions for me personally. My first novel was published, entitled "One Dom to Love" co-written by Best Selling New York Times Author, Shayla Black and by Author Jenna Jacob.
I can't even begin to express how privileged and thrilled I was to work with both these wonderful, incredible women, and how proud I am to call them friends.
"One Dom to Love" is the first book in The Doms of her Life series and for those chomping at the bit already after finishing this book, you'll be delighted to know that we are already in discussions and planning our writing schedule for Book 2.
Watch this space...

All the above titles are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, ARE, Kobo, and coming soon to iTunes, who've apparently gone on holiday until next year. laughing Typical.

To say it's been an extraordinary journey thus far would be an understatement...what a rush!
What a thrill to realize dreams and see them go from a seed to fruition.
So for all you aspiring Authors who like me, have a fire inside that burns brightly and demands to be sated by writing... Never give up. You never know what opportunities might just come your way.

In the meantime, for those of you who have short erotic fiction stories they'd like to publish, may I recommend  A publishing company I am proud to be a part of, as they have certainly done right by me and gone out of there way to be helpful, encouraging and professional at all times. Thanks HDP! You guys are simply amazing.

Writing can be an incredibly lonely business.
For most people, it means sitting down at the computer or picking up a pen and rattling off so many thousands of words. Hoping like crazy that parts of it actually make sense and form a semblance of cohesion that might eventually become a story.
A tiny percentage of people I am told, can do this without any conscious effort whatsoever.
Let's be clear. They are freaks, I mean Fabulous and Genius of course, but freakingly gifted as well.
I am sadly not one of those people. I will sit and twiddle my thumbs, doodle, play solitaire and do anything else except write...until the words are, just there.
Then it's verbal diarrhea. And I tend to just go with it until it's all out, knowing that eventually I'll have to go back rewrite and edit a trillion times before I'm satisfied.

But somewhere in that odd process that happens to me, sometimes, something magical and marvelous happens. If I'm really lucky.
It's like flipping on an imaginary projector in my brain and the story begins to unfold in living color and all I have to do is write it down. Other times it's simply hard work and I actually have to slog away at it.

Nothing defeats the words though.
If they live within you, some way some how they will come out.

I'm still learning and don't have very many answers at all, but I've come to see that once you've written a book and have actually published it, then you have completed only a very small part of the equation. Unless you market yourself, i.e. put yourself out there in the public forum and get readers to actually read the words you've written, you're very likely doomed for obscurity before you've even started.

So it takes courage to write and publish a book. Essentially one has to drop ones drawers in public and give people free license to 'point fingers' and some will. Thankfully though, not everyone feels that way. Others will be thrilled for you, blown away to discover you had it inside you in the first place, let alone had the balls of brass to actually do something constructive about it. They'll lavish you with encouragement and heartfelt praise until you dare to do something do it all over again. smiles... Like I said at the start, what a rush!