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Fab Friday Spotlight: Talon PS and Princess SO

By Princess SO

For the longest time Romance books and dime-store Smut books have been distant strangers. On the one hand, the hefty romantic tomes with heroes like Mr. Darcy and Col. Brandon; on the other side of the same coin were novellas (practically pamphlets) filled from cover to cover with nothing but steamy love scenes, one after another. Each side had their fans and their place in the world and it was unthinkable to even consider mixing the two up for the longest time. Yet in recent years that exactly what they did migrated until finally contact and swooning led to the most ultimate orgasm to ever touch paper.
And a new genre was created. Erotica.
As the craze swept over and fans intermingled, the demand for hotter, steamier quick reads grew. Even those who once only read romance were losing their knickers and throwing inhibitions to the wind. And these books were sure to get your breath quickened and her thighs closing tight in a delightful spasm with the talented penning of explicit details.
However at the same time readers also started to see a decline in the novel-size tales as the author’s sacrificed sometimes much-needed world building and the heroine’s journey before succumbing to the infallible Mr. Hunky Phallus. Is all devolution to blame on an effort to please these crazed masses? Maybe not, but it is beyond contestation that the novel-size stories have largely gone the way of the do-do bird, and the few that remain have certainly suffered for it.
And then Erotica discovered BDSM… a practice-turned-genre that really had already been around for some time, but mainstream hadn’t deemed it appropriate until recently. And the fast pace of sex and orgasm once more showed its effects, putting novel size literature with adult content hovering close to the endangered list. Luckily it didn’t stay that way; while Erotica is still going strong both in demand from readers and writers who are whipping up some super spicy hot reads. Yet another new genre started to emerge.
Erotic Romance. Plenty of sensual euphoria but it's an addition to the novel's epic story of its characters.
Twin Authors Talon ps & Princess so are no strangers to the lifestyle of BDSM, and while neither of them consider themselves full-timers on the playground of whips and shackles, many of their closest friends do. And for them there was something missing, an element they felt they owed to their friends as well as readers. Bringing BDSM into the velvety folds of an Erotic Romance story; helping the natural transition and evolution of both story and genre to embrace the subject and people so often misunderstood in their desires. 
 Meet the DOMINION OF BROTHERS by Talon ps & Princess so

Five brothers at arms that share a lust for control and bondage, living the lifestyle of BDSM openly they stop at nothing to provide a service to the Taboo community’s needs as well as protect it.

Book 1: BECOMING HIS SLAVE - Will not only introduce you to Dominus Trenton Leos who personifies Alpha male and know exactly what he wants, he is willing to wait a long time to see to it he gets it, but will also guide you into the world of BDSM as it dwells in the real day to day life. You will meet the four other brothers as well as a whole slew of others side characters that will be surprising and later books. Oh because we were talking about novel, did I mention Becoming His Slave is a novel? Actually it’s a SUPER-SIZED World:

As a writer, Katianna hovers at the alluring edge of bringing what she creates with exquisite eroticism into her very concealed life. Her books seduce her readers with stories taking them into extremes of erotic pleasure that have never been her own experience. That is until one night unbeknownst to herself, she confessed a secret desire she'd kept under lock and key to Trenton Leos, who's now intent to bring her into his world of Dominance and Submission where he's not just any Dom, he's the Dominus. The Master of all Doms.

Life with the Dominus promises to surround her with rich, somatic passions, but it also comes with danger, and she's not sure she's strong enough to hang on. Especially when being with him means submitting her life to Becoming His Slave.

Genre: BDSM & D/s / MF / Erotic Romance / some MM

Word Count: 263,925 (approx. equivalence of 535 pages)


Abandoned by his parents and left to tend to his sick sister since he was nineteen, Cliff has done little more than wander thru his existence. That is until the Patronus Diesel Gentry sends him to meet Pyotr Laszkovi. A man nearly twice his age but his impeccable looks and debonair sexuality has Cliff falling like a love sick puppy for the man. Problem is Cliff is about two threads from coming completely undone as a human being. Despite this, Pyotr sees in him an irresistible young man who satisfies his needs like no other and is willing to be there to catch Cliff when he unravels and stay at his side during the hardest goodbye of all.

Genre: MM / Erotic Romance / some D/s & light bdsm
Word Count: 61,119


Like brimstone and caramel. When two men come together with a Rough Attraction that burns as fast as Nitrous Oxide in their veins, it’s hard to find the cruise control and trust that they can make this last for the long run.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Life and relationships aren’t always neat and clean, or come in perfect little packages. Maxum St. Laurents knows this all too well. After being in a four-year relationship that does everything but bring him pleasure and fulfillment, he finds himself struggling to keep working at it. It doesn’t help matters that the man who satisfies every need and want he could have is the man he is having an affair with. And for Maxum, affairs don’t translate into long term relationships.

Darko Laszkovi just couldn’t help himself when he spotted the handsome man ranting over a flat tire on the side of the road. Moreover, he couldn’t be happier when the reward turned into an insatiable lover he hoped to keep for the long run. But, despite the rough attraction that holds them to each other like power-magnets, when Maxum struggles to let go of a relationship that doesn’t work; Darko’s patience and understanding that, we aren’t always where we want to be, gets tested to the max.

Genre: MM / Erotic Romance
Word Count: 70, 419

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  1. If you haven't read these books, you should. They are wonderful! Thanks Princess and Talon!

  2. I am one of those readers who is all about the story. The characters, their lives and the worlds they live in. I love the novels because these are stories you can sink your teeth into. I also have to admit I doubted a short story or novella could give me what I wanted when I sat down to read. *hugs Isabella LaPearl* Thanks for showing me I was wrong. It is because of her I started to look at these other books.

    Enter Talon PS and Princess SO. *grins* The first book I picked up was Dear Soldier, With Love. I so enjoyed this book I had to find more of these Authors. Then I found Bond of the Lycaon Concubine. I love shifters and this book didn't disappoint. *wink* I even tried their Sci-Fi book Quantum Mates - What Torin Wants. Who knew deep space could be so hot!!

    Needless to say I have now read almost everything these fine Authors have wrote. Their characters, the stories and the worlds they have built whether short stories, novellas or novels are something you can sink your teeth into. So now I will take my leave and curl up with the Dominion of Brothers Series. *turns on the fan and grabs an ice cold beverage*