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Fab Friday Spotlight: Indigo Sin

Call me the queen of procrastination.  This blog post was due, like, yesterday but as I tried to come up with something interesting to write about, I drew a big fat blank.  For a week I wracked my brain, until I was doing a re-read of my WIP this week.  I’m writing a book, called Tempting the Cowboy at the moment, and one of the parts in the story triggered a memory from when I was younger.  In my story, the cattle escape during a thunderstorm.  So now, I present to you…


I grew up on a cattle farm.  I even showed cattle at the county fair.  Yeah, let that soak in for a bit.  I used to put halters on twelve hundred pound steers, and walk them around like giant pet dogs.  We also washed them, combed them, and styled their hair with copious amounts of adhesive and such on show days.  To get a better idea…Google ‘Show cattle’.  You’re welcome, by the way, for showing you the weirdest thing you’ll Google today.

Anyway, my brothers and sisters, and I did this every year, usually pretty uneventfully.  We had the occasional rowdy calf that would drag you across the lawn or step on your foot, but we all made it to adulthood unscathed.  Barely.  The summer I turned seventeen, we were once again working diligently with our cattle, readying them for the upcoming fair.  The only difference with this summer, as opposed to the rest?  


Max was the difference.  

Max was my little brother’s steer for the fair.  He was fourteen that summer.  I’m not even going to sugarcoat this.   Max was flippin’ evil.  EVIL.  You know how an animal’s eye reflects in the low light?  Like a cat?  Well cattle’s eyes do the same, usually a green glow.  But not Max.  Max’s eyes glowed red.  I wish I could tell you I was joking, but I’m not.  His freaking eyes reflected red in the low light.  On top of that, he was just plain mean.  You could virtually feel the hate when he looked at you.  It didn’t matter how much we worked with him, petted him, tried to tame him, he would toss his head and charge at you, snorting like a bull.  He was evil.  

So, I suppose you’re wondering where the part comes in where I thought I was going to die.  Here it is.
I was driving home one night, after being out with some friends.  As I approached my farm, numerous glowing eyes dotted the middle of the road near my driveway.  I rolled my eyes when I realized our cattle were out.  This wasn’t an abnormal thing by any means.  Livestock is always finding a way to escape if given the chance, so rounding up escapees was just part of farm life, so once they moved from the road; I parked my car in the driveway and ran inside to wake my Dad.  We then went to find out exactly where they had gotten out so that we could fix it and put them back.  The fence had been bent back around the water tank as if something had spooked them.  Whatever it was, they wanted out of the barn in a bad way.  Everything was all fine and dandy, until we thought we had all of them accounted for, but a quick headcount revealed that one was still rogue.  And take a wild guess which one that was?  

Yep. You guessed it.

My Dad glanced at the hayfield as the grass rustled, and pointed.  “He’s in there.  You two go to the south side of the field and make sure he doesn’t get on the road, we gotta keep him corralled so we can push him toward the barn.”  He was seemingly unconcerned with what he was asking of us.

I stared in horror at my little brother as that though had a good chance to soak into my brain.  He stared back, looking a little like he might throw up.  Somewhere, out there, in the dark of night, was the devil himself, and we had to go find him, and keep him contained to two acres of hayfield.  Dad took off running to start working him back toward the farm, and my brother and I reluctantly went to where we’d been instructed.  I couldn’t see him in the dark, but I’m pretty sure my little brother crossed himself and muttered a prayer under his breath as we trudged through the tall grass.  And then there was silence.  We stood, clutching to each other in terror as we waited and listened.  Now I can’t even begin to describe to you, the horror of hearing hoof beats on the ground near you, and not being able to see what’s coming at you.  We didn’t even have a flashlight, just a pale glow from the yard light.  Now factor in also, that there was a reason they were out.  Something had spooked them from the safety of the barn.  And whatever that was, could potentially be out there with us tool.

Somewhere in the distance, Max snorted, and my little brother whimpered.  For what felt like hours, we endured the torture of knowing that evil lurked somewhere near, probably plotting our demise as we stood shaking like little babies.  He was watching us.  I could feel it.

“Move farther East!” my Dad hollered from the other side of the pasture.

Fantastic.  Still holding onto each other, my brother and I trekked East, stopping when a black mass darted in front of us, nearly mowing us down.  By then I was fully prepared to die, when my dad yelled from the yard, that he was back in the barn.  I’ve never felt relief like that in my life.

And that’s it.  There you have it.  I thought I was going to die, OH, and Max never made it to the fair.  He was a danger to society, so he stayed home since he couldn’t play well with others.

Thank you for stopping by, and check out my blurb for my story UNDENIABLE, which is releasing August 13, 2013!!

Undeniable by Indigo Sin
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