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Fab Friday Spotlight: J.T. Cheyanne & V.L. Moon

Please welcome Authors J.T. Cheyanne & V.L. Moon, along with Seth and Elijah, the stars of Love Life & Circumstance...

Sitting back and making themselves comfortable on Seth and Elijah's porch swing, J.T. Cheyanne and V.L. Moon smile as the guys take their own seats and place a pitcher of sweet iced tea and three glasses on the table between them. Taking her cup of hot tea with milk and sugar from Elijah, V.L. apologizes for being so awkward. "It's a British thing I think. I've tried to get used to drinking my tea cold, but..."

"You Brits and your tea! Is it true that you have certain times of the day that you drink it?" Elijah asks as he quickly glances to where Hope is playing with her Hello Kitty stuffed toys. 
"Well far be it for me to say, but, as a true Brit, any time is tea time, as long as it’s hot." V.L. smiles wider, and then rolls her eyes when J.T. gags.

"Anyway," V.L starts. "Congratulations, I hear the wedding was a beautiful affair. I bet Hope totally upstaged both of her daddies?"

Both, Seth and Elijah laugh, and J.T gives a little sigh when Seth takes Elijah's hand.

"She looked like a princess that's for sure. But then, when you've been through what she has, I'd say a little spoiling doesn't hurt." Elijah states as Seth tries not to choke on a lump of ice from his tea.
"A little spoiling?" Seth's huge brown eyes widen in disbelief at Elijah’s words, and then his brow creases when he starts to laugh. "Oh my try walking into a baby store within a five mile radius of where we live; they all know Elijah by name. He has this whole diva thing down pat when he’s shopping for Hope's clothes."  Elijah grins at Seth's declaration and settles back looking very proud of himself. 

"Well that answers one of Kim Stone’s questions. Elijah does the clothes shopping. You know, Hope’s a credit to you both. And, we're glad to see she's doing so well. Since J.T and I wrote your story, there's been a lot of people asking how she is. It'll be great to relay back how healthy she is. And how big."
“I want to pinch her chubby cheeks,” J.T. says rubbing her hands together. “But, she’s happy and playing for now, and some of your new fans,” her smile broadens as Seth blushes and Elijah pulls him in tighter against his chest. “They have some rather risqué questions.” She pulls out her notepad as V.L. starts to giggle.
“Bran wants to know….due to Elijah’s errand run….if you could invent a flavored lube, what flavor would you choose?” At Seth’s gasp, J.T. and V.L. exchange grins. “Hold ya horses, he also wants to know, which part of the body you prefer to taste it from?”
Elijah’s laughter booms across the yard causing Hope to turn and smile from her playpen. She claps gleefully as her daddy continues to laugh. Cheeks bright red, Seth bites his lip then blurts out, “Nothing tastes better than Elijah, but I do like candy apple.” That answer earns him a kiss which makes J.T. and V.L. swoon.
“Caramel macchiato, and I love the dimples in his back just above his ass. Drives him wild when I run my tongue over them.” Elijah glances over and winks as Seth buries his face in his shoulder. J.T. slides down in the swing and fans herself. 
"Sweet Mary, Mother of God. I thought it was hot in the South!" V.L. murmurs as she searches for the next question. Adjusting herself slightly in her seat V.L fans herself as well.
"You’re very upfront Elijah."

“Yes I am, ma'am." Elijah's expression turns and a look of reflection crosses his face. He leans over and places a kiss to Seth's lips. 
"After living in the shadow of my father and fearing the thought of letting him down, I hid...hid my sexuality in the hope that he'd be proud of me. I loved him, but as with every family, there were secrets; secrets and lies that sooner or later come out of the closet. I’ve hidden long enough. I have a life now with the man I love and our daughter. There's no room in our lives for secrets and hiding. I...we, live every day knowing the grief that our union was born from. But that's the past. What we have now is a future. I love Seth, I'm proud of him and to call him mine. And Hope, our daughter is the light of our lives, our miracle. We both love her so much, and if being the way we are upsets folks, well...they don't have to look. Because one thing’s for sure; when you've fought through loss and watched others fight for their lives, you get to thinking...why should anyone have the right to say who should love who? It's the heart that chooses, and at the end of the day, you either take that chance and give love a whirl, or you let the bigots win with their hate and spite." Seth settles back into his seat after retrieving Hope and Elijah pulls them both onto his lap. Hope squeals playfully, and they all laugh.
"Always choose love, and make every day count. To see the smile on my husband’s face and hear the laughter that fills our lives every day, makes everything we've loved and lost easier to bear. Now...ladies, if you'll excuse us, it's time Hope had her afternoon nap. It's been a pleasure." Elijah, being ever the gentleman kisses both their hands and leaves both J.T and V.L sighing dreamily with big silly grins on their faces.
"Damn Southern men are just hawt," J.T drawls and makes V.L swoon all over again. J.T. laughs and pulls her up from the swing. “Come on, missy, guess we’ll have to get the honeymoon details on the next sit down with them.”

Book Blurb:

Born the son of a preacher man, Elijah Deacon always conformed to his father’s strict religious teachings. He worked hard, devoting his time and energy to the family owned construction firm, leaving little time to focus on the deplorable state of his private life. Small town America was no place to be when all a man craved was the touch of another man. Elijah hid his sexuality and tried in vain to convince himself he could be happy with a woman. Urged on by the dream of having the family he craved, Elijah couldn’t know a drunken one night stand would see him pay the ultimate price.

Leaving the bright lights of Atlanta and placing his own life on hold, paralegal, Seth Jacobs, moved to Alabama hopeful that with a baby on the way, his twin sister Bethany would settle down. His older sister by five minutes, she gave him the confidence he needed while growing to come out and be proud of who he was. It was his turn to return the support. On arrival in Headland, Seth endeavored to make her see the dangers her behavior presented to her and her unborn child. But, to no avail.

When destiny deals a cruel blow, and the life of a newborn baby hangs by a thread, Seth and Elijah are flung together to deal with the tragic circumstances. The grief threatens to consume them, while joy and fear work to unite them. Jealousy, love, lies and bitter truths rise to the surface and threaten to tear them apart. Can the powers of love and life bring them together and heal the loneliness that death leaves behind? Or will circumstance prevail and fuel the embers of love that draw them together?

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Author Bios:

J.T. Cheyanne
 After a lifetime of reading and at the suggestion of friends, J.T. finally put fingers to keys and started writing her own stories. It's been a wildly amazing ride full of tears, exhilaration and plain old hard work. Thankfully, her children support her craziness and encourage her to continue something she loves. While does write solo work, she thrives on the work she does with her life partner and writing partner, V.L. Moon. What a small world  it is indeed Mr. Disney when a small town girl from Alabama can find, fall in love with and write with a big city girl from England. What a ride it has been and continues to be!

 V.L. Moon
Aspiring writer and mother of two, V.L. enjoys nothing more than losing herself to the rather madcap workings of her imagination. Blessed with dear friends, she admits that it's through their guidance and perseverance that she is able to write what she enjoys.
An avid book reader and a lover of long dark winter nights tucked up with a rather fruity glass of red and her partner in crime J.T. Cheyanne, she aspires to conquer the world with a deluge of hot gay romance that includes contemporary, as well as, their love of vampires, angels, Gods and wolves.

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Natalie is Forced to trade the only keepsake remaining from her former life in order to survive. Desperation and a deep seated fear lands her at the doorstep of an unassuming building.

When a chance meeting explodes into a full showdown of wills, nothing will ever be the same again...
Past Unbound by Ava Snow
Forced to give up the woman he loves due to the jealousy and treachery of others, Darius McKade walked away from the One who would have completed him. But fate will not be thwarted, and when a second chance is placed within his grasp once more, the Dom within hungers to rise to the challenge.
Michael Part One by Cleo Taurus
Michael was a man used to having things his way.  In all areas, he was in charge.  He had yet to find his perfect sub, not one had been able to hold his attention for more than a couple of months.  Elizabeth was a woman who’d been skirting the BDSM world for a while now, never quite finding what she really needed.  During a monthly gathering at the BDSM club, Michael spotted Elizabeth.  Was he the one that would fulfill her most secret desires?  Only the relationship they uncover in the Black Room would tell.
Derek and Maks by Dee Licious
What happens when your single, forty-something mom brings home her new boy toy and it’s the hot stud that gave you your first tattoo; the one you’ve been fantasizing about for the last few weeks since turning 18?  Will Bianca finally have sex with a real man and not some clumsy high school boy?  What will she do when presented with not one, but two, hot muscular men who co-own the tattoo parlor?  Turn the pages to find out.