Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Angel Payne Blog Tour

A few questions for the lovely Angel Payne:

1.    Favorite song of all time
Are you kidding me??? Man, I can’t name just one. Figures YOU would ask this one, Isabella!! LOL! Let me deftly divert everyone’s attention by saying this: I have never, EVER heard Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” performed how you can, woman! (People, she’s really that good.)

Aww, thank you.

2. Favorite celebrity
Has to be my Chan-Man, Mistah Channing Tatum.

I should have guessed!

3. Favorite drink 
Depends. Usually some yummy crisp white wine, or a Cosmopolitan. 

Mmmm... Yummy!

4. Favorite toy
Oh, I think that’s a tie. Sir has a wonderful set of custom floggers he uses that are DIVINE…but I also love medical role play, so anything fun in the way of clamps and pumps is good. (Oooo, getting all tingly talking about this!)

*Shivers* Nice!

5. Favorite position…Damn, just one??  Probably doggie. It’s just so naughty!


Between a rock and a hard place.
To Sergeant Zeke Hayes, the expression has always been a non-factor. There's never been a situation he can't blast, punch, or smart-ass his way out of, which makes him the perfect fit for his Special Forces battalion--and a natural-born Dominant who's made a lot of submissives happy from Mt. Rainier to Vancouver.
That all changes when Rayna Chestain enters his world.
A rock.
From the moment Z snatches Rayna from the lair of a South Asian slave trafficker, his inner grizzly roars to life. This is a huge damn problem, because Z isn't wired to be a one-woman man. Growing up an orphan on the streets of Seattle has taught him that beyond a few hours in a dungeon, trust means disappointment and love leads to agony. But here he is, in the remote wilderness escape he'd promised not to share with anyone, harboring Rayna from a fiend who now wants his pound of revenge flesh from her.
A hard place.
Sheltering Rayna? Z's never done anything more right in his life. But wanting her? Dreaming of her beneath him, surrendering to his passion and domination? It's the most forbidden fruit he can crave...and the only thing he can't stop thinking about.
A new beginning?
This is a dead-end canyon that no rifle, bomb or sweet talk will let Zeke escape from. The only way out is to confront the reality of what Rayna has done to him...the mountain she's moved in his intractable heart.

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  1. This book looks awesome cannot wait to read it cool.

  2. I loved the Q&A! It is like taking a little peek inside your mind and trying not to giggle from all the hotness!

  3. Oh, I totally agree with you on Patsy Cline! haha Thanks for the post, this was fun. I am so looking forward to also meeting Zeke and Rayna! =D

  4. Loved the Q&A
    : )

  5. You guys are the greatest! I loved it too! I feel so privileged to call Angel Payne friend as well as fellow Author, and she is a simply sublime writer.

  6. Zeke is amazing!! Thought Garrett was great,but damn....

  7. Great interview! Can't wait to read the book.

  8. Thank you for the interview Isabella LaPearl!

  9. Great interview! And Patsy Cline is wonderful. I even have my 3 year old Goddaughter into her. Can't get any better.

  10. Great Q&A and definitely looking forward to reading this one!

  11. HAHA Loved this interview!! Such fun!