Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Man Handled Box Set ~ ONLY 99Cents!!

Man Handled Box Set
Only 99cents!!
For a limited time
Bath Interrupted and Sleep Interrupted by Katie Greyson
Duncan Towers, a high class condo community where the glass exterior of the building gives the residents an uninhibited view of the city and the opportunity for some of the city to have a nice risqué view of them too.  The cool, clean façade of Duncan Towers is about to get steamed up with two stories revolving around a few of the inhabitants.
Tired of the stresses of her career and the badgering of her mother, Joyce hides away in her bath tub with a glass of wine.  Certain that her life can be just as fulfilling as a single woman rather than one in a relationship, she takes things into her own hands – literally.  Or at least that was the plan until she looked up and found her ex fling, John Chase, standing in her bathroom doorway.  Just how steamy will the bathroom become now?
Michael Winters, is completely and utterly in love with his roommate Anthony Stone.  But Michael believes that he will never be good enough to be loved as passionately as he feels for the other man.  Until one late night lying in bed after a torturous dinner with Anthony, Michael dreams of being with the only man he’s ever loved... but is it really a dream?
Come along as you become a voyeur and discover that being wealthy may be great but hot, steamy sex is so much, much better!
Rayce by JC Wells
Rayce is one of four Matik Masters, a wolf destined to take the role of Pack Master once his father steps down from the throne, but a centuries old war with the Belarus pack has left Rayce cold, dominant, and wicked; love never an ultimate ending for him.  In order to end the war, he is suddenly introduced to La’el, future Pack Master for the Belarus pack and... his intended mate.
La’el is uncertain of their destiny.  Pure, innocent, and never one eager to find himself in bed with a male, La’el is suddenly thrust into a mated relationship with the harsh Rayce. He doesn’t foresee love or kindness coming from the male, but through the wicked, black stare of Rayce’s eyes, La’el sees something that even the dominant Pack Master does not – the possibility of love.
The first moment they set eyes on each other there is a spark of heat.  But, when it becomes clear that, in order to save the werewolf packs, flesh must be shared, will La’el run and leave Rayce without a mate or will he stay and take a chance on a new beginning that he never expected he craved.
Rent Boy by TL Reeve
Security guard extraordinaire, Bobby, loves the perks of his job. When an opportunity of a lifetime presents itself, he signs on the dotted line.
In desperate need of a new dynamic duo, Heather’s brother, Nathan, agrees to help her. But when catastrophe strikes, the danger levels spiral out of control, and no one is safe.
A mysterious criminal hellbent on revenge lurks, waiting for the perfect moment when he will deliver his own justice. Will they band together and foil his plan, or is life only for rent?
Weekend Submission by Jaxx Steele
When Marcus' twin brother, Marshall, asks him to take his place for a weekend trip to their summer house in Key Largo, Marcus reluctantly accepts. Looking forward to a weekend by the pool, he's trapped into a situation he never expected to be in. Will his twin's plan force Marcus to put his former relationship behind him or will it blow up, causing him to lose the chance to make this impromptu vacation one of the best he ever had?

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