Friday, July 12, 2013

Fab Friday Spotlight: JC Wells

By JC Wells

Thank you so much for having me here today. It has really been a big step forward in my life to become a published author with the HDP house. It has always been my dream to get my writing out there and have people enjoy what I love to do. Like the Matik Masters, my first completed series with Horny Devils. When I started writing Rayce, I never expected that the series would take the path it did. For example, I never intended for Petar to be so broken inside and yet, it just progressed that way. Now that it is over, I’m kind of sad. This series was my baby and I had so many people following it with me as I wrote it.

The biggest excitement for me was the overwhelming and wonderful response Petar got on his release. At the moment, he is #6 in the Amazon’s bestseller category for Demons and Devils, #13 in Romance, and #17 in Gay Romance. I never expected to be in that type of place with something I wrote. The feelings can’t be explained through words.

With that excitement, I am getting a larger drive to write. I started another short and even came up with a small outline for the Novek Masters, a spinoff of the Matik Masters. This doesn’t include the series I have already started and have out. I feel like my life has three main things I MUST do: write, read, work. Oh, there’s no sleep in there. It’s impossible these days. I guess school is in there somewhere, but once that is finished, I could write all day with no worries.

The best thing about my writing is the fans. I have met so many interesting people through my stories and I love hearing from them. When they cry with my stories, like many did with Petar, it shows me that I can reach them on a different level. I hope to keep my fans close in the coming years. An author is nothing with those who love to read their stories.

I’m not sure what else there is to say here other than ‘thank you’ and I hope that you will take the time to give my stories a shot. I do write more than M/M paranormal shorts. Just check out Double or Nothing, a contemporary straight romance. Catch me on Facebook or Twitter too. I love chatting and talking about books, both mine and others.

Thanks again Isabella. This is so awesome being here today with you and your followers!

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About JC:
JC Wells grew up in southern California with two loving parents who definitely knew how to lay down the law in the house if homework wasn't finished, including 100 pages of reading...a night. Using the talents she gained from years of schooling, she has grown into a writer that spans across different genres. Recently, JC has been accepted for a Masters Program in Creative Writing at Fairfield University, where she will be expanding her talents even further. Aside from the student side of her, she is an advocate for LGBTQ rights and LOVES the paranormal community. If she can get away from writing, JC loves to watch a good ghost story on TV, partake in séance's with her aunt so she could chat with her late father, or lose herself in the throws of Zumba. And if that weren't enough, she loves to be under the creative talents of a tattoo needle, using body art as personal story she wants to tell.​

Her dreams span across the globe.  She dreams of becoming a famous published author, as well as a highly sought out publishing agent.  JC hopes that you'll take a chance on the stories she has to offer.

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