Friday, July 19, 2013

Fab Friday Spotlight: Cleo Taurus

Hi Isabella! And thank you so much for having me here on your blog. This is the first guest blog I’ve done! (Insert busting your cherry joke here lol)  I’ve been a writer, in some form or another, for most of my life; I still remember the first poem I ever wrote! It was about butterflies in spring, but then I was twelve and a romantic at heart even then. In college I majored in History, thinking I would end up being some old cranky history professor somewhere, but then life had other plans for me. I had my children, and then started writing for them. I would fill what little free time I had between working sixty hour weeks and two growing girls with thoughts of books, and many times, I thought, I could do that. It was my greatest joy when Horny Devil Publishing offered me my first contract for Michael. They saw something in me that no one else did, and took a chance. It was the first of the Black Room series, and I never thought it would be more than a standalone story, but Michael wasn’t done talking to me yet. He ended up being a trilogy, and I’m proud to say all three did well! 

I write from the heart, and when I write, if I can’t FEEL my characters hearts beating, then I put it away. Everything I’ve written thus far has had some basis in my own life. My story, Alex’s Christmas Present, was based on the life of someone I lost, and how he coped with the devastating loss of a lover. Gracie, well, what woman doesn’t want TWO handsome strong men wanting her forever? And Governmental Affairs was a labor of love with a fabulous co-author, Ava Snow. Now, my story The Arrangement is out. I wrote this one in four days, so in love with Joe and Maggie that they kept talking to me telling me to write faster!  This one is very special to me for a number of reasons. My wonderful editor compared it to a reverse Beauty and the Beast, and I suppose she was right. 

I may never get rich writing, I may never be on the New York Times best sellers list, and like any author, I would certainly love it if that happened. I write to fill a hole in me, a black space where for too long I was told to just shut up. I write the kinds of stories that I like to read, and I hope that others do as well. I’m working on a new Series called The Spanking Bench Series. So far, two have been accepted for publication and I am almost done with number three. I am sure there will be more to follow.  I have an idea for my first full length novel, and its proving harder than I thought, but not impossible.  I never thought, that me, a fifty-one year old grandma would ever be a published author. But I can say this, even if I never published another thing, at least my obituary would read “author of ten books.” That’s enough for me.

Born in France to an Army Sergeant and his wife, Cleo grew up in the great state of Ohio, where she spent her time reading and studying. Her mother demanded she read for an hour a day, and then be prepared to discuss what she read. That was where she discovered romance books, those little pocket stories that could be read in an hour or so. After she grew up and raised her daughters as a single parent, she concentrated on stories more child centered. Once her children were on their own, she started reading the kinds of things she read before, with a decidedly bigger kink factor involved. She writes across the spectrum, it just depends on who is in her head at the moment. She ABSOLUTELY believes that everyone has the right to love and be loved in return, and nothing makes her angrier than closed minded people who think marriage is a man/woman thing.  A tireless advocate for battered and abused women, she fights for stronger laws protecting women and kids from those who would do them harm. Cleo LOVES to talk to fans, and when someone tells her a story has touched them, it makes her heart swell.  Her bucket list is full, she wants to return to France to see her birthplace, head for the Outback of Australia, and sit and sip a pint at the bar her distant family owns in Ireland.

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