Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Teasers and other temptations...

I don't know about you,
but when I am looking for a book to read there are two things that immediately grab my attention.
The cover and the blurb.

I'm a visual, tactile sort of gal.  Seeing something that stirs my interest and heats my blood or feeling something that touches me whether mentally or physically, is imperative.
But how far does one go?
Writing erotic fiction means that a scene doesn't usually end with innuendoes and stage dressing...laughs...  Ohhh no, in my stories, I want to put you in the room front and center, leave nothing to the imagination.
In my stories, you'll feel every delicious tremor and scream of pleasure that ripples over a body or is torn from a lovers mouth in the heat of passion.

What a wonderfully wicked web we weave...

That's my particular joy.
I want the reader in the head of the character, whether hero or heroine looking out through their eyes, seeing and feeling it all...
I want the reader to experience cutis anserina, a medical term meaning "cutis" for skin and "anser" for goose, thus goose skin.  Or there's another interesting term, horripilation.  The first part from the Latin word "horrere"-to stand on end or horrible and "pilus" hair...which comes to "hair standing on end."

Goosebumps: A temporary local change in the skin when it becomes rougher due to little muscles abruptly going erect from excitement, fear or cold.

So a great cover that first of all halts me in my tracks long enough to stop and actually look at it, is a must and then there are the words.  

Those gripping phrases that tease and provoke, tempting you inside, inviting the reader to peruse at ones leisure and enjoy a "vacation away from the mundane" even if only for a brief respite. 
That's what I want. 

But it's a fine line. 

Give too much away, and I won't bother reading it at all because I already know all the story.  Too little and you've annoyed me.  Give me something from the book itself, that's what I want!  Show me words that make me feel if only for a moment who these characters are and why I should invest time in them. Because I want a book that will make me laugh, lust, cry, shiver in anticipation or fear.  Thrill to the overcoming of obstacles and cheer with abandon when it's all said and done... Surely thats not too much to ask?

With that in mind, here are a couple of teasers to Connexions and Scandalous that I hope entice you enough to want to read more... 

Ciao, Bella.

excerpt from "Connexions" written by Isabella LaPearl

"Lost in passion. Unraveled and completely consumed by the fiery lust racing
through my bloodstream, as you kept my hands immobile with one of yours
wrapped around my wrists. Took me as you wanted and tapped into a hunger
to be dominated in bed that I never knew I had. All I could do was feel and
melt around you, as your mouth, your tongue, your teeth, and the fingers
from your free hand drove me so high that I touched the sky in a blissful
surrender, long before you ever slid inside me.

Your hiss of pleasure as my hands, finally free to roam at last, gripped you to

me tight, my nails digging into your back, your ass; the slow friction of our
bodies as you set the pace, almost unbearable in my need. Your eyes on
mine, the laughter in them as I went wild beneath you, but still your hips
kept the slow steady pace you set."

excerpt from "Scandalous" written by Isabella LaPearl

"Shocked-disbelief floods my nerve endings, forcing me into an awareness
that defies explanation, whilst my mind clambers madly to play ‘catch up.’
How is this even possible? How do I cope and deal with the here and now?
Easier said than done not to panic and bolt completely. Especially when one
minute, I’d been dozing on my bed, minding my own business, and in the next…
I’m in someone else’s body. 
Not Observing. 
Noooooo…not watching, not this time, like some spirit voyeur, 
but I’m right inside someone else’s body and
feeling everything, every sensation as though it’s my own.
It all rushes in like a tidal wave all at once. Feelings so overpowering, so
alarming yet compelling that my physical reactions to it are momentarily crippling.
Even as the hairs rise over my flesh to inflame me; as every sensual button within
my skin is turned on full blast by every circuit in the brain I inhabit. I surrender
weakly to the indescribable pleasure, my nipples puckering painfully tight…and I
am lost.
Oh my God…I’m so confused! Yet it feels like my body. Familiar, which is a
joke you see because it’s not a girl’s body I’m in right now either.
This can’t be happening! Can it?
Ohhhh Goddd that feels sooo good. My clit feels as swollen, as huge and
hard as a cock…which is about the time when I feel my sphincter clutch
maddeningly tight as my balls draw up hard and hot against my body."

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