Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Immortals Box Set Available Now!!

      ONLY $0.99
~For a limited time~

Scandalous by Isabella LaPearl
Rose Tralee O’Neills’ ancient bloodline can be traced all the way back to 360AD. With six brothers, the family name is destined to continue well into the new millennium. But there’s a secret; a boon well guarded through the centuries that can only be passed on through a paternal line. One that will shatter the bonds of reality as it awakens inside Rose.

Thrill of the Chase by Oliver Lixx
There are several things that can be said about Chase Cody’s chosen career as a Hollywood stunt driver, like Dangerous, exciting or thrilling. When the unexpected arrival of another race of beings whose sole purpose is to keep the balance of good and evil appear, he is thrust into a dangerous game with a huge bounty on his soul. Nothing on earth could prepare Chase for the ways in which he would be seduced.
Will he make the right choice…or is there more to the Horns Vs. Halos war than meets the eye?

 Bloodweight by Eva LeNoir
As a young independent vampire, Ellen Banks takes the ring, and all eyes are on her. The lithe rebel has worked hard to get to this one moment in her less-than-stellar life. No one will stand in her way of that championship belt, especially not the powerful and impossibly salacious Nash Stanford. If only her traitorous body’s reaction would shut the hell up.

Thirst by T.K. Holt
Damian Cross has always been safe in the knowledge that humans ruled the earth. That was until he was introduced to the world of the undead.
After he spends the night with the sexiest woman he's ever seen, his world is about to rock on its axis. Now he must make a decision. Live and be king of the dead or...die.
Can someone from his past save him or will she be his eternal ruin?

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