Sunday, April 7, 2013

A little hellfire and brimstone....

Sharing the cover to my newest book coming soon from Horny Devil Publishing...*squeeeeee...* Isn't it fabulous?  Dee Allen ~you are a genius! Love it, 
Thank You so much!

Hells Angel

Elizabeta had given up her place in Heaven for just one shiny soul on earth. 

A soul so pure and innocent, so deserving that she hadn’t thought twice. Simply reached out and snipped the ethereal cord that bound her to the only home she’d ever known. To fall away in the unknown; a whirling kaleidoscope of color and confusion.
Down into the abyss where the ferocious minions that guarded Hells Gate, were there in gleeful contempt to subjugate the little lost angel. To drag her bleeding and broken to their Master’s feet...

Yet Hell was not what she expected.
Nor the Beast-master all she imagined. 
And Casillero del Diablo...much more than a place of corruption and madness...

Ultimately, Elizabeta will have to choose and the price once set, could not be undone. But how many souls would it take to save an angel? 

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  1. Wow! *mouth gapes open* Its very fab! Looks great and sounds even better. Can't wait to read. Brava bella!!!